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Each butterfly wing, feather, snakeskin shed, etc. used in our jewelry is carefully sourced with sustainability + the ultimate care for nature. 

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New jewelry is here! Adorn your body with the creatures of the sky and of this land. We are all going through changes, this year, last year, next year - Always. Mark this chapter of your life with the magic of Nature. All Cruelty-Free, Ethically & Sustainably Sourced.

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The meaning behind the cruelty-free jewelry talismans we create is the foundation of our craft.

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From our Monarch Butterflies, raised in Louisville, Kentucky, to our Sunset Moths, raised in Madagascar - each insect, responsibly raised, tells its own story.

House of the Rising Cicada - Mirror Wall Adornment
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This amazing cicada was collected for HartVariations in Louiseville, KY during the great Cicada return of 2021. They're such amazing creatures and I really felt like this one with its wings outstretched needed to be paired with this mirror. And how fitting that we are currently going through a Venus retrograde cycle, as Venus rules love and one-on-one relationships. We are all mirrors for one another. May we all be mirrors for ourselves as well. And when you gaze into the mirror know that the creature above is holding transformative space for you. ♡♡

This mirror measures 7" x 5"

All items ship USPS Priority. Please be sure to read the shipping and policies information before your purchase.

All of HartVariations materials are cruelty-free and ethically sourced with great care. We are dedicated to No-Harm principles in our work. 

A: No creatures are harmed in the process of creating HartVariations jewelry. We have a No-Harm, Cruelty-Free approach in our work. We source all materials with extreme care and ethical considerations. All the butterflies, beetles and moths we use come from sustainable, licensed butterfly conservation farms working to conserve native insect habitats. Snakeskin is shed naturally, feathers are collected after molting, and the skulls and jawbones come from natural deaths or owl pellets collected in the Pacific Northwest. HartVariations jewelry brings a second life to insects and other elements of nature. 

Q: What are butterfly conservation farms?

A: Butterfly conservation farms, also known as sanctuaries, have been set up worldwide to preserve native habits and provide income for local populations. These farms require that forests and plants be protected and maintained instead of destroyed for other purposes. Butterflies and other insects are protected in these habitats. The survival rate of butterflies in the wild is only 2%, while on the farms, that rate increases up to 90%. On average, adult butterflies live 3 to 4 weeks. 


* Please Note: Due to COVID-19 I do not have access to all of my tools at this time and cannot take on any recreations/repairs. Thank you for understanding as we all do our best to navigate our way through these changing times.
Jewelry Care for your Talisman
Not only do we help the creature encased within HartVariations jewelry enter a new life, but your jewelry will last throughout your lifetime if cared for properly.
Please thoroughly read the list of considerations below for proper care.
- your talisman has left the HartVariations Studio tested for strength and durability
- your talisman needs to be stored properly, away from moisture, sunlight, and pressure
- your talisman should not be worn while exercising, swimming, showering, sleeping, etc.
- your talisman needs you to keep an eye out for possibilities of snagging on clothes or hair, and other tension or pressure scenarios. Especially where metal connects to metal and glass.
One of the unique aspects of HartVariations jewelry is that it incorporates a natural element. This precious, often delicate element receives protective layers of glass and metal. Because of this combination of materials two things are of note; 1). the creature now becomes a wearable talisman to escort you on your journey 2). *and if broken* this beloved, delicate creature would not make it through another round of creation and cannot be fixed.
Not being able to “fix” our jewelry is unfortunately part of what makes your talisman so special. We wish it could be different, but we hope you realize the special nature of our jewelry and if cared for properly, it can last a lifetime.

All focal-pieces are constructed with lead-free silver solder and oxidized.

All necklaces are nickel-free, brass core with a gunmetal finish.

All ear hooks, hoops, and ear threads are dark oxidized sterling silver. All posts and ear nut backings are non-oxidized sterling silver.

All ring bands and bracelet metal is oxidized sterling silver.

We use rose gold-fill for earring findings and chain for our copper patina + rose gold styles.


Q: What kind of metal do you use?

A: I use the Tiffany Method of stained glass soldering. The focal metal is a lead-free, nickel-free blend of silver and tin that melts at a lower temperature, allowing me to encase natural objects that are sensitive to heat.