Meet The Maker

Well, Hello! 

I posted a long overdue introduction on the HartVariations Instagram account this week, and I thought I'd share it here for the rest of the world to see. :) 

The owner and designer of HartVariations - a woman with dark bangs in a black hoodie wearing a zebra headband waving to the camera in front of a luminescent window.

Haaay! Well, I don't think I've ever done one of these intro posts, so here we go. My name is Katie and I'm the maker and designer behind HartVariations. I'm a huge nature lover and have been picking up dead bugs for as long as I can remember (my mom actually kept my first insect collection I created when I was 5 - I pinned a beetle, moth, and fly into one of her jewelry boxes). Which is why I love the medium of stained glass and what it allows me to encase. I am most interested in shifting the way you see the wonders of nature, and the way I interact with it while creating. Each tiny particle is appreciated and honored through my process. I'm so very grateful to be able to do this work.

And, geez this is hard! I was trying to do that thing where I share little known facts about me, but I can't really think of any super interesting things about me in this moment.. I just keep thinking about boring stuff like: I have almost flat feet (so hard to find shoes!), I can't stand ketchup (soooo gross 😝), I am sometimes ambidextrous because I fractured my right arm roller skating in sixth grade, I have cut my own hair since 1998, I looooove the language of astrology (which you probably already know) and give readings and more, and I have a very specific diet (which is a super long story, but I know there are others out there like me and I want to say, I see you and understand how hard it can be to have a limited diet).

I guess that's it for now. Thanks for reading my strange and rambling "intro" post. And thank you for Being Here. ♡