Rearranging for the New Year


wood and metal trays filled with clear geometric cut glass, butterfly wings, bees, bones, a large dragonfly, and more.


I know it's pretty much mid-February now, but I finally feel more "new" for this New Year. I rearranged some major spaces in my studio last weekend and it feels soooo good.

As happens often in my world (an Aries sun with Mars in Pisces) the impulse of Must Change Things Now comes on seemingly suddenly. But if I'm honest this urge is usually latent yet building, and compounding. As in - I should have seen this urge coming and factored it into my schedule. But this isn't a blog share about my personal shame around time management habits. Nope! I have chosen to no longer carry that load as I know that while I may have to put some things on pause to achieve my sudden vision of what needs to happen, in the end it'll all work out. And sometimes for the better because making the change is the hardest part and it can't always be added neatly to one's calendar.

This is also a gift from me to you. I'm pretty sure even if you all aren't Aries with Mars in Pisces that the overwhelm of trying to reorganize what needs to change to better suit your life is definitely louder this time of year. 

This has come up a few times in astrology readings I've given in this New Year → let it all sink in and be okay with resting up for the first couple of months of the year. You likely need it and there will be time to change things when you have more energy. We may forget it is still winter here in the northern hemisphere. Even if the days are sunny for you and not filled with snow there is still an overall agenda of turning inward before the blossoming of the spring. Which of course will be Aries Season. :) 

Maybe if we all followed the Astrological Year - Aries to Pisces; mid March to mid February - we'd feel a little more in tune with the seasons.

This is also a great time to finally begin new things. All planets are currently moving direct/forward, hooray! There are no retrograde planets until the beginning of May. This is a great time to put new things out into the world that you want to have lasting outcomes. It's very exciting! But there is a caveat, of course. You may have some retrograde planets in your natal chart that could affect how you experience these next couple of moths. For instance, a client who has an astrology reading scheduled with me this weekend was born during a Mercury retrograde. Therefore, Mercury retrograde cycles are different for her vs. those of us who weren't born during one. We are not as used to that energy: the pulling in, the rethinking and reiterating, the contemplation abilities that may come with more ease for them.  R u m i n a t i o n.  And I always point out to Mercury retrograde natal folks that a portion of their community not born during retrogrades is not going to be as comfortable with Mercury retrogrades, even if they are. This discomfort and frustration might affect them. As my mom likes to say, "a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine." A wise bit of advice / calling out. 

I hope these next couple of months are a wonderful time for you as we finish up what needs to be broken down and composted before the planting of Spring. Make a list after you get some good rest and be kind to yourself as you cross things off at your own pace. And if you'd like to find out if you have retrograde planets, you can enter your birth information in Astro Seek. If you see a little "R" next to a symbol for a planet (also known as a Glyph) that means it was retrograde when you were born. *** Or, sign up for a reading with me and we can dive deeply into all the planets, asteroids, and luminaries have to show you.


 *** please be cautious reading the descriptions of your planets in the signs and houses on this website and many others. It's what I call Cookie Cutter Astrology. This is a machine that is not synthesizing the information and you may find it doesn't resonate with you. 


a bright art studio with a striped rug and two tables with supplies on shelves below

 a table with shelves of materials for a shipping station built into a closet in an art and jewelry studio

 The new studio arrangement is Charles Approved! He has to be able to access what windowsill so he can watch the birds and the neighbor's cats coming through our yard. 

a tuxedo cat sitting in a windowsill between a desk and work table in an art studio