Decoding Astrology to find your Daily Ritual Guide

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Have you been feeling the urge to explore and implement new rituals into your daily routine but feel overwhelmed? 2020 finds us at a crossroads of needing to truly get in touch with our health in a physical *and* emotional way. And it doesn't have to be hard.

This 16 page workbook helps you to divine options for short & simple, impactful, and enriching daily rituals based on your own personal astrology. Use this guide to understand more about your sixth house (health, daily routine, etc.) and moon (your emotional and psychological self) and find ways to satiate the parts of you that knows with dedication, building a self-care routine doesn't have to be overwhelming. We make the best strides forward when we feel comfortable with the goals at hand. 🔮

There are instructions on where to run your birth chart online. If you don't know your birth time, you can use this guide based on your sun sign.


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