New Jewelry Now Available!

striped and colorful moth earrings, feather necklace, and large butterfly wing round earrings resting on textured slate in the sun.

Lots of new Monarch Butterfly designs, iridescent snakeskin, some beloved Tethered Diamond necklaces (in your favorite iridescent snakeskin!), new little gemstone necklaces, and more. You can check out more photos of the new jewelry on the homepage.
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A pair of triangular and circular iridescent snakeskin shed earrings held in bright light.
colorful, geometric butterfly wing, snakeskin shed, feather, and gemstone jewelry neatly arranged in a black jewelry tray.
More sneak peeks of the studio and what I've been working on lately - including this sweet bone pendant. 
A tiny mouse vertebrae is in the process of being encased in copper and glass, held gently by the woman creating the necklace.
and the finished pieces! I'm very attached to these new bone talismans. ♡
various, geometric shaped shadowbox necklaces and earrings that have real snake, mouse, and chameleon spines and vertebrae encased within glass and metal.

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Thank you for gifting handmade from a small, woman-owned, sustainably sourced business!