New Jewelry Available Soon!


earrings that are colorful and made with butterfly wing, feathers, and gemstones arranged in rows in a black tray. 

New items are available now!

Yay to new jewelry! There are so many earrings, and necklaces - butterfly, feather, and a handful of new gemstone pieces. Scroll down for the new fluorite earrings. ♡
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unique and colorful jewelry displayed on a white background.
Art Nouveau style metal, glass, and quartz earrings showcasing Blue Morpho Butterfly wings.
More gemstone designs coming as well - like the Blue Morpho Butterfly + rutilated quartz earrings above. 
a pair of circular, purple fluorite earrings with dark metal accents held from the fingertips of a woman with teal painted nails.
More sneak peeks of the studio and what I've been working on lately. 
colorful butterfly and striped feather jewelry in various geometric designs arranged on a white background.

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Thank you for gifting handmade from a small, woman-owned, sustainably sourced business!