Blue Morpho Magic


As I'm figuring out a new set up for photography in my new place, I picked some beauties to test out with the camera. I don't have all of my materials with me at the moment, but was able to find these three different species of the Blue Morpho butterfly. Each one unique and different. 

This one I'm holding below is just the right amount of transparency, you can see the eyes peeking through the metallic blue. Which isn't really a true blue, but a lovely mix of lilac and blue, creating a stunning periwinkle from specific angles. 



The commonalities of Blue Morphos are the metallic blue colors on one side and brown on the other. And of course those iconic butterfly "eyes" that deter predators with their ability to make the butterfly appear larger than it actually is. There is usually some light silvery dusting of color amongst the eyes as well. Definitely more subtle than the flashy blue, but oh so beautiful. 

Blue Morphos are wonderfully dynamic in their changing colors. See below for what the slight shift of light can do to the color appearance in the bottom wing. 1, 2, 3, Magic! 



And here are some current jewelry examples of the varieties of blues. These are just two different species of Blue Morphos. 




Oh, and let's not forget a look at the underside of the Blue Morpho wings: 



The Markings on the smaller wing are very subtle, but if you look close enough you can see where the "idea" of eye markings are. They aren't as pronounced as the other two wings, with their almost cartoon-like drawn on feel. 


And now I have a question for you - which blue beauty is your favorite?