As Above Astrological Guide + Workbook - Fall 2019

  • $9.00

Welcome, Fall! 

This edition of As Above: Astrological Guide + Workbook is more deluxe this time around. This guide covers Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius seasons. It also includes information for each planet: a description of current and upcoming transits, writing prompts, and some other tips for engaging with the celestial bodies above. 

In this 18 page workbook you will also find a weekly overview, with a distilled focus. Think, affirmation - something to repeat when life gets heavy...bc it will over these next 4 months! All for the good of our path forward. :)

My desire is to synthesize the themes of the planets + signs as the archetypes they represent are always weaving in and out of our lives. They are what connects us to each other and beyond. 🔮


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