Above & Below - Your Cosmic Oracle Deck

  • $33.00

Welcome to Your Cosmic Oracle Deck! 

 This little astrological oracle deck began as a personal divination tool a few years ago. I realized I needed to simplify how I was using my intuition in my everyday life. Just by making a list of words on my favorite typewriter, I felt more of a connection to how I was viewing (or choosing to view) the smaller and bigger picture of my life at that time. 

 I see this deck as a personal teaching tool, while also being accessible for divination purposes. You get to learn some astrology along the way! Each word and color has an astrological correlation to "rulership" by planet or sign. Refer to the Glyph Guides to familiarize yourself with the symbols for each sign and planet. There are many ways to use this deck: draw a single card for the day, add a card or two to your tarot spread, or pull multiple cards to create a sentence and tell a story. Some of these words can be taken very literal, others may require a more playful mind to interpret. Use your imagination! 

Special vessels to house your deck in are coming soon. 

More information at www.abovethehorizonastrology.com 

and on Instagram @abovethehorizonastrology

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