Serpent's Emanation Earrings - Ready to Ship

  • $168.00

These statement earrings balance the structure of earth and levity of air, playing with light and negative space. Within a wide curvature of metal, new curves emanate inward from the boundaries as if to converge with one another. From the top, a semicircle of glass encasing naturally shed snakeskin filters the light, each delicate scale illuminated against the dark patina. From the bottom, two parallel arcs of metal cut through the negative space, like ripples on a pond, the rolling horizon, or a planetary body with an orbit on course to eclipse the orb above. The transformative symbol of the serpent is magnified by the shapes like the light of your own magic exuding out into the world.

The focal portion measures 1 1/2" x 1 5/8". 

All ear hooks, posts, backs, hoops, and ear threads are sterling silver. The focal portions are constructed with lead-free silver solder, oxidized, and polished.

As this item is hand-made to order, each element (butterfly wing, feather, snakeskin, skull, etc.) is unique in its own way, and may vary slightly in the finished piece. There may also be a difference in size of up to 1/8". The focal-piece is constructed with lead-free silver solder, oxidized, and polished.

All of HartVariations materials are cruelty-free and ethically sourced with great care. We are dedicated to No-Harm principles in our work. Please visit the FAQ page of the website to learn more.

JEWELRY CARE: Please handle this one-of-a-kind jewelry with great care, avoid water and remove before applying lotions. Because of the stained glass medium we work in, we are able to use delicate materials from nature that are very heat-sensitive. Too much heat and the wings change color, sometimes losing the vibrant magic that makes them so special. The metal in our work is an alloy of silver and tin, which melts at a lower temperature than sterling. We 100% stand by our work and have sold thousands of pieces in the eight years we've been in business, with a very small number needing repair. The same way you would take care of a silk blouse, please consider the medium in the treatment of your piece and approach with intention and care.

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