Creative Process - Astrology Reading

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Mostly known as the Goddess of Love, did you know that Venus actually rules what we love and desire? She is often paired, or spoken in context with Mars, sometimes referred to as the God of War. More specifically Mars rules our ego desires and how we take action to achieve them. Then there is Saturn...oh, Saturn. Maybe you are familiar with the Saturn Return? Also known as Kronos the God of Time in Greek Mythology, Saturn governs time and how we structure our reality. 

Being a creative business owner, I have learned that coming into my creative process and then putting it out into the world takes so much more than following the muse. It entails drawing more of what we value into our practice (Venus), going after what will then take us to the next level (Mars), and implementing practical building blocks to make it real in our lives (Saturn). 

With this focused Creative Process reading, I want to take a look at these three planets in the context of your birth chart and help you learn more about how these archetypes show up in you and how to "talk" with these planets to further enrich your creative world. 

Each session is 90 minutes. If you live in the Bay Area, we can meet in person at the HartVariations studio (East Bay), or schedule a phone or Zoom reading. 

Please click the button below to book an appointment, and then proceed to checkout to pay for the reading. I'll be in touch to get your birth information (date, location, and time). Thank you! ~Katie


Katie Evans is an astrologer, artist, and designer living in Richmond, CA. She is interested in the language of the planets and how they act as guides to help us live out our full potential in this lifetime. Through a focus on Evolutionary Astrology principles: the polarity of Pluto and nodal placements, as well as a study of the outer planets, Katie feels drawn to aid clients in deciphering their birth charts to better get to know their own path of creativity through their soul's evolution. She incorporates astrology into her designs through HartVariations, as an ode to nature and these powerful forces above.

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