Upcoming Transits - Astrology Reading

  • $125.00

 As the planets continue to move through the sky, the interactions (aspects) they create with the planets in your birth chart can help us investigate and feel into the current lessons at play in our lives. Often, challenges we may be experiencing can have a link to lessons through polarities. What does this mean? Sometimes what we seek is connected to another part of our life and astrology can help us to decipher how to work with those energies. Using astrology as a tool can help us have a holistic approach to these challenges and the ongoing chapters we live out. 

Each session is 90 minutes. If you live in the Bay Area, we can meet in person at the HartVariations studio (East Bay), or schedule a phone or Zoom reading. 

Please click the button below to book an appointment, and then proceed to checkout to pay for the reading. I'll be in touch to get your birth information (date, location, and time). Thank you! ~Katie


Katie Evans is an astrologer, artist, and designer living in Richmond, CA. She is interested in the language of the planets and how they act as guides to help us live out our full potential in this lifetime. Through a focus on Evolutionary Astrology principles: the polarity of Pluto and nodal placements, as well as a study of the outer planets, Katie feels drawn to aid clients in deciphering their birth charts to better get to know their own path of creativity through their soul's evolution. She incorporates astrology into her designs through HartVariations, as an ode to nature and these powerful forces above.

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