Astrology Basics: Learn How To Look At Your Birth Chart - Astrology Reading

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 If you aren't familiar with the technical side of astrology then looking at your own birth chart for the first time can be so confusing! But maybe you're interested in gaining some knowledge around astrology and want to learn more. Although learning astrology is a long journey in and of itself, I have faith that if more folks knew just some basics we'd all be better off. This is a longer discussion, so here's the brief version - as we all become more connected to one another and the rest of the world, these connections become layers in a longterm framework that can benefit so many. Doing the work on your own path is key to helping others with theirs. The language of astrology may resonate with you, and if so I'd like to help. 

You will walk away from this session knowing some basics about houses, signs, your planetary and asteroid placements, and what "aspects" are. This reading can be tailored to your level of astrological knowledge  - maybe you do have some basic astrology knowledge already but are fuzzy on what a YOD, Grand Trine, or quincunx is, etc. and want to take it further. Multiple sessions are available on a sliding scale basis (email for details). Like I mentioned - I think getting knowledge out there to help us all move forward in the most beneficial way is best. Plus, I just love talking about astrology! :)

Each session is 90 minutes. If you live in the Bay Area, we can meet in person at the HartVariations studio (East Bay), or schedule a phone or Zoom reading.

I'll be in touch to get your birth information (date, location, and time). Thank you! ~Katie

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Katie Evans is an astrologer, artist, and designer living in Richmond, CA. She is interested in the language of the planets and how they act as guides to help us live out our full potential in this lifetime. Through a focus on Evolutionary Astrology principles: the polarity of Pluto and nodal placements, as well as a study of the outer planets, Katie feels drawn to aid clients in deciphering their birth charts to better get to know their own path of creativity through their soul's evolution. She incorporates astrology into her designs through HartVariations, as an ode to nature and these powerful forces above.

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