When I was five years old, I created my first insect collection, pinning a beetle, moth, and wasp I found at our nearby park into a jewelry box of my mother's. At that young age I began to understand the process of collection and display. To this day, I still pick up the naturally fallen bees I find on my daily walks.

My love of the natural world informs my work. All of the materials I use are selected with care, looking closely at quality and the life of the creatures. I source butterflies, beetles, and moths from butterfly farms, working with licensed, independent businesses around the world to conserve native insects and their habitats. All of the snakeskin I use is naturally shed, feathers are naturally molted and collected, and the skulls and jawbones come from owl pellets collected in the Pacific Northwest. 

I'm honored to be reminded of the beauty of nature every day, and to give new life to these creatures.