Prism Necklace - Peacock Feather

Prism Necklace - Peacock Feather


The geometric shape of the focal piece conjures images of gems and crystals, and the shape of the peacock feather itself. Emanating from deep within its base, the gentle fronds of the feather spread upwards and fan out, reaching into the corners in all directions, like a ray of light split into a spectrum by a prism. Rich emerald green morphs to teal, bright aqua, and saturated royal blue, glistening in the light let through in small slivers between the feather's barbs.

Please note this necklace is MADE TO ORDER and WILL NOT SHIP until 5-10 business days after you place your order.
Each element (butterfly wing, feather, snakeskin, skull, etc.) is unique in its own way, and may vary slightly in the finished piece. There may also be a difference in size of up to 1/8". The focal pieces are constructed with lead-free silver solder, oxidized, and polished.

The peacock feather pendant portion measures 3/4" x 1/2", with a 15" long nickel-free gunmetal chain. The pendant is constructed with lead-free silver solder, oxidized, and polished.

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