Custom Memorial Necklace

Custom Memorial Necklace


When I started HartVariations, I knew that I wanted to frame the work I was doing in the way that it gives new life to beautiful creatures from the natural world, but also how it brings intention to the wearer and their personal journeys of transformation. Because of my own experience and how I was able to channel my grief into my art, I have long wanted my business to provide a way to help others do the same with those they have loved. Over the years I have encased ashes from pets, sons, mothers, cat and dog fur, soil, baby teeth, hair, and more.

This listing is for ashes, which are encased carefully between the butterfly element and the sheets of glass that compose the diamond pendant. In a beautiful practice, the ashes can be worn facing toward the skin in a private form of remembrance.

With our jewelry we take elements of the natural world and breathe new life into them. With our pieces there is strong symbolism of transformation and rebirth, two aspects of survival that are richly embodied in the deeply personal creative process behind the work.

When you purchase this listing we send instructions on where and how to send the ashes. Only a small portion is needed to create your remembrance piece and any unused portion will be returned to you.

All of HartVariations materials are ethically sourced with great care. Please visit the FAQ page of to learn more.

The pendant measures 1" x 5/8" x 1/4" on an 18" sterling silver oxidized chain. The diamond portion is constructed with lead-free silver solder, oxidized, and polished.

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