Sacrum Spine Necklace - Vertebrae Bone Jewelry

Sacrum Spine Necklace - Vertebrae Bone Jewelry


This sacred sacrum bone is part of The Structure Series begun in 2016. These beautiful bones were gifted to HartVariations, to small to be used by their owner. The delicate encapsulation of this little mouse vertebrae is the perfect reminder of what it takes physically and emotionally to hold oneself together. A petite talisman for your journey of growth and transformation.

This pendant comes with an 18" nickel-free gunmetal chain and measures 1.25" x .5" x .25".

All of HartVariations materials are ethically sourced with great care. Please visit the FAQ page of for more information. The sacrum / vertebrae in this necklaces comes from a little mouse that lived it's full life and died of natural causes.

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