Custom Quartz Triple Polarity

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Custom Quartz Triple Polarity


Encased beneath a quartz point, is a custom blend of a powerful combination of elements from The Natural World. The Hart Variations owner and founder Katie will design a quartz ring based on your Astrological birth chart, slow crafted with intention and elements from nature to aid you in your journey moving forward. Each element is further amplified by the power of raw quartz. Support from the Earth comes in many forms. This is ring is a reminder of what lies beyond us. 🌍

The making of the Triple Polarity Ring: Your personal birth chart will be analyzed carefully, and specific representative elements (feather, butterfly wing, snakeskin, etc.) will be chosen that correlate to the energy of the polarity points (grounding) of your sun sign, North Node, and Pluto placement. They will then be layered beneath a raw quartz crystal. Choose your ring size and preferred color that will be visible through the natural facets of the quartz. Three more elements will round out the combination, tucked underneath the top color, to provide you with proper energetic grounding, custom made just for you or for a loved one.

The ring will come with the details of how each element was chosen, with the specific planetary and sign (constellation) information for those who may want to delve into their astrology a little more. The focal portions of the rings in these photos measure 2cm x .75cm x .75cm and 2.5cm x .75cm x .75cm. They are constructed with lead-free silver solder, oxidized, and polished, with three sterling silver oxidized bands.

Please note, this is a custom ring and each quartz stone will vary slightly in size and clarity.

All materials are ethically sourced and carefully selected by HartVariations. Please visit the FAQ page of for more information.

PLEASE remove before bathing, washing hands, applying lotion, etc. Please be sure to read my shipping and policies information before purchase.

Thank-you for shopping, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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