Memorial Jewelry

by Katie J. Evans

When I started HartVariations, I knew that I wanted to frame the work I was doing in the way that it gives new life to beautiful creatures from the natural world, but also how it brings intention to the wearer and their personal journeys of transformation. Because of my own experience of loss and how I was able to channel my grief into my art, I have long wanted my business to provide a way to help others do the same with those they have loved. Over the years I have encased ashes from pets, sons, mothers, cat and dog fur, soil, baby teeth, hair, and more. 

I have come up with a few designs to begin with that work for ashes, fur, and soil. Soon we will be offering the diamond shaped option first on the online Etsy shop, and will likely introduce a triangle pendant style in the coming months. A bracelet option is in the works as well, but I really like the symbolism of how a necklace is worn over the heart. 

The beauty of this kind of jewelry is how powerfully it affects the wearer. Having the essence of the loved one transformed lets us honor our grief with something to hold and touch, a link to the past and a sense of peace in the present.

Figuring out how to include a natural element (wing or snakeskin) on one side and the ashes on the other, was a big breakthrough for me. Some folks may want to position the necklace with the ashes facing in, as a more private form of remembrance. Another option will be little semi-precious stone altars. Those will be available in fluorite and calcite, with more to come as I find time to experiment with different semi-precious stones. 

Thank you for entrusting HartVariations, wherever you may be in your journey of love, loss, and finding your way forward.