Newsletter Recap

by Katie J. Evans

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Hello, and welcome to the cardinal Hart Variations Newsletter. We have so much to share!

This missive serves to bring you the highlights and updates here at Hart Variations. We are excited to be a growing business with much on the horizon and tons of plans of new and exciting designs. 

Who is Hart Variations? The artist and drive behind the line is Katie, at the helm for these first six years of operation. As Hart Variations has grown, two more people have joined the team to help out in the Oakland studio. Michelle has been with us for two years and Julia just came on as an additional assistant. 

Our Mission: with our jewelry we take elements of the natural world and breathe new life into them. With our pieces there is strong symbolism of transformation and rebirth, two aspects of survival that are richly embodied in the deeply personal creative process behind the work. Having an object with a connection to the beauty of impermanence, like our time here on Earth, reminds us daily to honor the struggle and keep our heads up. 

We were featured recently in an edition of Creating Your Own Path podcast. "It was such an honor to chat with this rad lady! I'm always on the look out for good podcasts about creativity. She helped me articulate in new ways what it is that I do and why I do it, and the importance of my process."
See other interviews and articles that feature our work on our Press page.

Gold in the Pipeline...we have constant requests for offering golden toned options, and we hear them! There is a metal-specific process to our work, learn more about the formation of our pieces on our FAQ page and the gold segment on our blog. Creating our pieces in gold requires bezel setting instead of stained glass, with a different set of tools and materials. Instead of glass we use hand-cut quartz to cover and protect the element. We have two new necklaces in solid 14 karat gold, including the one above, which is available next week at Fiat Lux! Additionally, currently we offer some of our signature designs in a copper patina with rose gold-filled earrings and chain. Make sure to visit the Etsy shop for availability. 

A new offering:
We have been working on a project that is at the emotional center of HartVariations--the Heart, as they say. A way to remember those we have loved and lost, to celebrate their souls through a talisman that can be worn and cherished. 
One beautiful aspect of the process of the Tiffany Stained Glass Method is that a sacred object or material can be placed between the glass panes. We've designed Memorial Jewelry that can have ashes, fur, earth, etc., placed behind one of our butterfly wings or other signature elements, to be worn close to the skin in a private gesture of remembrance and honor. 

New Designs coming soon!!
We have some cool new custom concepts in the works, very excited about the new designsTriple Polarity Birth Chart Ring and our Semi-Precious Stone Altar. These are custom ritual objects to recognize a loved one or a special place. 

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